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Aged Care Neglect - "as we are left grow old".....

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My dear friends, for many years now, I have observed personally and now professionally how the standards of care in Aged Care are diminishing. We saw last year the Prime Minister - Scott Morrison stands at Kirribilli House with a Glossy-covered manual, the results of the Royal Commission into Aged Care.  It published a lengthy list of Key Recommendations to clean the sector up.

During the Pandemic, we have seen hundreds of our dear oldies lose their lives hastened by Covid.  The National Response for this was just terrible. I would like to get indicators from yourselves your thoughts about how Aged Care needs to be better managed? Like us all, we may have had parents already or currently in aged care, or soon one day, we will be there ourselves. The issues will not go away if we just let them.


Gaye Cameron

Candidate for Cook (currently held by Scott Morrison)