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COVID 19 failings

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One of the many factors demonstrated by COVID 19 has been the long-term failings of the major party system in this country. Covid 19 illustrated that the institutions in Australia that are meant to balance corrupt politicians have failed in their duties.

Federalism has failed the Australian people.

The Governor-General has failed the Australian people.

State Governors have failed the Australian people.

The "expert" class has failed the Australian people.

State governments have failed the Australian people.

The media has failed the Australian people.

The constitution has failed the Australian people

Democracy has failed the Australian people.

Our education system has failed the Australian people.

Religious leaders have failed the Australian people.

Big business has failed the Australian people.

The medical fraternity has failed the Australian people.

Bureaucrats have failed the Australian people.

High ranking military officers have failed the Australian people.

Most importantly, the High Court and the judicial system has failed the Australian people.

The reason for these failings has been because Australian institutions, like so much of the wests, have been corrupted by socialist elites who are willing to cash in on Western Civilisation and the nation's principles and culture.

The only way to correct the current situation is to elect more One Nation members to parliament, which can fight the good fight. I am hoping this forum will assist in helping the One Nation parliamentary teams.

Here are some suggestions to prevent any further damage to this nation.

A referendum must enshrine complete free speech where the only exception is incitement to a severe crime and defamation that results in financial loss. Institution or individuals that breach this section would have both criminal and civil penalties.


Judicial officers, magistrates, Judges, Justices must be held to account for any example of judicial activism.


The fact that the High Court set a precedent that state governments can close borders for a virus that has a similar death rate to that of the flu is not only an error in judgment but an example of judicial activism that must cease now.

Preferential voting must be abolished in every state and commonwealth jurisdiction.

A federal corruption body with investigative powers and hears matters in camera until the brief is accepted by the commonwealth director of public prosecution with the oversight of sworn senators.


Only National security documents are to be excluded from FOI request, which must be overseen by the body that oversees National Security decisions.

ABC needs to be cleaned out and be held to the legal requirements of the relevant legislation. The format must be changed to encourage national conversations. For example, ABC should have aired a Q&A program where medical experts from each side of the vaccination debate.


Policing, Health, Education, Tax, Infrastructure, Environment, Immigration, and Workcover Insurance as Industrial relations need to be the sole responsibility of the federal government. The constitution must reflect this change.


Professional accreditations must be overseen by a government body that dictates professional accreditation requirements only. This body is not to interfere with the day to day practising of the professions.


All commissions and tribunals must be dissolved and replaced by courts that demand the relevant burden of proof in that court's jurisdiction.


To name a few suggestions to fix the problems illustrated by COVID 19.

If the people of Australia are going to return this country to its former self, then we metaphorically need to fight fire with fire and abolish the socialist threat to our nation.

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Hi Brendon, yes, nearly 3 years has passed with Covid19 and more and more carpet corners are being lifted and we are now seeing what mess we have been left with, or simply covered up.

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The master thesis paper on COVID 19 failings has been published. In it, the author argues that the response to the pandemic has been hampered by a number of factors, including a lack of leadership, a lack of coordination, and a lack of transparency.

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By the looks of it, what has not failed the Australian people? I think even Australian people have failed the Australian people (lol). Now; I need to buy Statistics Homework Help which is why I’ll have to rush but I’d like to add that no country is great unless you start working on its weakness on an individual level as well as collectively.