NSW One Nation's Policies and Achievements

10 NSW One Nation Policies

  1. Restoring standards and parental rights to the NSW schools system.
  2. Abolishing all forms of political indoctrination in NSW education, especially transgender ideology and Critical Race Theory.
  3. Performance pay for teachers - rewarding the good ones and getting rid of substandard teachers dragging down NSW school results.
  4. Instead of relying on high-risk 100% renewables, we want to create a strong mix of coal, gas, nuclear and renewable power in NSW, turning our State into a global-energy superpower.
  5. Bringing down electricity prices and improving energy security by building the Bayswater 2 coal-fired power station in the Hunter Valley.
  6. We are unashamedly pro-jobs and pro-development, with a policy to streamline the development approvals process in NSW by abolishing the green Independent Planning Commission and putting a 12-month time limit on development decisions.
  7. Mandatory jail sentences for those who repeatedly assault NSW emergency services workers (under the Rod Roberts Bill).
  8. Keeping the age of criminal responsibility at 10 years, rejecting the push by Liberals, Labor and the Greens to increase it to at least 14.
  9. Protecting the property rights of farmers to allow land clearing and floodplain harvesting of water.
  10. Saving money by abolishing woke-PC programs and employment quotas in the NSW public sector, putting these funds into improved hospital services around the State.

One Nation NSW Achievements Since Election in 2019

  1. Saving the NSW steel industry by securing support for essential coking coal supplies to BlueScope Steel in the Illawarra.
  2. Constantly exposing the rubbish being pushed in NSW schools, with One Nation leading the fight against the political indoctrination of students.
  3. Cleaned out 42,000 teacher professional development courses full of political bias and transgender ideology in the NSW school system, forcing the creation of a new simplified system focusing on student academic results.
  4. Introduction of a Year One Phonics Reading Check for students to ensure their early reading skills are up to scratch.
  5. Opened up the NSW teaching profession to new skills and experience, with successful people from business and professional careers coming into our schools as classroom teachers.
  6. Introduced a Mandatory Disease Testing Bill adopted by the Government to protect frontline workers such as police, nurses and paramedics from senseless attacks on them.
  7. Developed the concept of a Commonwealth/State Energy Agreement signed by the Morrison and Berejiklian Governments in January 2020 to increase much-needed gas supplies in NSW - a big win for energy security and economic development.
  8. Fought the madness of Matt Kean’s 100% renewables obsession in NSW with 249 Upper House amendments over a 40-hour parliamentary sitting.
  9. Got rid of the crazy NSW Koala maps threatening to freeze development on residential, suburban, town and farm properties around the State.
  10. Introduced Parental Rights and Religious Freedom Bills to protect the rights of NSW parents and citizens from woke Left-wing ideology and censorship.